Tesla's Secret Relaxation and Good Sleeping

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Tesla's Secret Sea Minerals and Lavender – a unique breathing mixture for relaxation and normalizing sleep. Combining the principles of oxygen therapy and aromatherapy. It consists of no less than 98% pure oxygen, natural lavender essential oil and sea minerals obtained from the Adriatic coast which were dried naturally by the sun. Recommended for people with a number of sleep or relaxation problems including: exhaustion, difficulty falling asleep or relaxing, sleep deprivation and/or poor sleep quality.

The signs of oxygen starvation will be eliminated and the brain, heart and other organs will be nourished, leading the body to a comfortable state and normalized brain activity. In combination with other components, this treatment will contribute to a soft relaxation of the central nervous system, stabilization of the psycho-emotional background and muscle relaxation. This is a natural fuel for the whole body, created by nature, packed in a convenient can. It is not a cure. No prescription needed. For recreational purposes only.

Pure oxygen 98%, nitrogen 2%, sea minerals,lavender essential oil, natural almond oil.

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