Tesla's Secret Boost Thinking and Memory

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Tesla's Secret Sea Minerals and Rosemary – a unique breathing mixture, to enhance mental activity and memory, combining the principles of oxygen therapy and aromatherapy. It consists of 98% pure oxygen, natural rosemary essential oil, and sea minerals obtained from the Adriatic coast which were dried naturally by the sun. Recommended for students, office workers, and anyone who wants to work more efficiently or study and engage in creative activities.

Oxygen eliminates signs of oxygen starvation, nourishes the brain, heart and other organs and helps restore strength. In combination with other components, this treatment will positively impact brain activity, thought processes and memory and have a general immunomodulating effect which increases efficiency. This is a natural and fast fuel for your brain, created by nature, packed in a convenient can. It is not a cure. No prescription needed. For recreational purposes only.

Pure oxygen 98%, nitrogen 2%, sea minerals, rosemary essential oil, natural almond oil.

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