Tesla's Secret Beauty

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Tesla’s Secret Beauty - a unique product for beauty and health that combines the principles of oxygen therapy and phyto-aromatherapy. Comprised of 98% pure oxygen, which the body’s supply can be depleted due to aging and as a result the elasticity of the skin decreases and wrinkles appear. It is enriched with silver ions which have been used since ancient times as a powerful tool to fight viruses, fungi and pathogenic bacteria. Silver ions are also known to regulate energy metabolism, provide a rejuvenating effect on the blood and skin, increase immunity and results in beneficial effects on the physiological processes in the body. The third active component of the breathing mixture is natural rose oil - a powerful but mild female antidepressant that arouses femininity and sensuality.

Tesla’s Secret Beauty helps to tone and purify the female body, providing general effect of body regulation. It is not a cure. No prescription needed. For recreational purposes only.

Pure oxyen 98%, Nitrogen 2%, Rose essential oil, almond natural oil, silver.

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