Brand History


Nikola Tesla meets Friedrich Jugblut and talks about the amazing properties of oxygen, argon and other gases. He shows him a series of experiments and shares conclusions about the health benefits of short-term oxygen inhalations. He also takes the pledge from him to popularize this way of maintaining good health and making it accessible to all people.

F. Jungblut was unable to live up to his promise due to various circumstances in his life, which is why he was concerned all of his life. This story has been told from generation to generation. In 2017, his great-great-granddaughter decided to realize the idea of creating oxygen-based breathing mixtures, which she had heard about from her great-grandfather and later grandmother. Together with highly qualified physicians, she begins researching and determining the composition of future breathing mixtures.


Organizing and starting production in Croatia, an ecologically clean place next to the birthplace of Nikola Tesla.

Conduct clinical trials of products and determine their effectiveness. Launching Sales of Unique Breathing mixtures


Extension of product line. Appearance of the "Appearance Care" series, including specialized breathable mixtures for women, and separately for men, with silver ions.

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