Answers to frequently asked questions about Tesla’s Secret products

What are Tesla’s Secret breathing mixtures?

This is a spray can with a comfortable mask on top, inside which there is a gas mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, essential oils, silver and minerals. Contains only natural ingredients.

How to use spray can and mask?

It is enough to remove the sticker, bring it to the face and press the button. You will feel the gaseous breathing mixture coming out of the can

How many times a day can I use a Tesla spray can?

If necessary, up to 10 times a day.

How many inhalations is one spray can?

30 inhalations of 5 clicks.

Can I use one can for several people?

Each Tesla’s Secret product is for individual use. It is equipped with an individual mask, for hygienic reasons the product can be used only by one person.

Is this product a drug?

No, Tesla’s Secret is not a medicine, it is a product for daily use.

Can I use it while taking medication?

It is possible, except in rare cases when the attending physician has banned oxygen therapy.

How many calories are there in 1 can of Tesla’s Secret?

Does not contain calories. Recommended for people on a diet, etc.

Why is the bottle so light

The mixture inside the container is gaseous and has no appreciable weight. Compared to liquids in a package of the same size, the weight of the bottle with the breathing mixture seems very light and it seems that the bottle is empty, but it is not. The gas in the can is under high pressure.

Is it possible to use oxygen mixtures during pregnancy?

Mixtures are not intended for use during pregnancy.

Is it possible to use oxygen mixtures for allergies?

The main component of the mixtures is oxygen, a hypoallergenic gas. Contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to the essential oils that make up some mixtures.