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Tesla’s Secret Sport line

Special breathing mixtures reduce the load on the body during sports and outdoor activities, helping to maintain health and make exercise more effective.

With increased physical activity, oxygen is more actively burned by muscles and as a result, a person feels tired, and it becomes harder to continue training. Lactic acid is formed in the muscles, with continued training, coordination of movements is disturbed, microtears occur in the muscle tissue, which increases the risk of injuries, the ability of cells to oxidize fat decreases, and energy supply to muscles is difficult. If there is enough oxygen, lactic acid does not accumulate. In combination with the essential oils that are part of TESLA’S SECRET SPORT mixtures, the body's ability to absorb oxygen increases, and also has a number of other useful properties.

The athlete receives the following effect:

- Longer and more effective training
- Fast recovery of the body after intense training
- Improving results and indicators
- Protection against overload during training
- Fast fat breakdown and accelerated muscle growth
- Increasing body stamina

Peppermint fragrance relaxes
muscle that's why oxygen is
easier to digest
in the cells

- Extra stamina
- Suppresses appetite
- Has no contraindications

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Tesla's Secret Sport Natural

During increased physical exertion, the muscles actively consume oxygen and as a result, the body feels fatigued and it may become more difficult to continue with training. The breathing mixture helps to restore the lack of oxygen in the body. Designed to increase energy during exercise and to help actively regain strength after exercise. Hypoallergenic mix, without odor.

15 €

Tesla's Secret Sport Pepermint

Peppermint aroma relaxes the muscles, which contributes to improved oxygen absorption in the cells and better oxygen uptake into the muscles, brain and internal organs. In combination with supplemental oxygen, it completely prevents the formation of lactic acid in the muscles, reducing the load on the internal organs and nervous system. This increases the body's endurance and reduces wear and tear while playing sports.

15 €

Tesla's Secret Sport Grapefruit

The quick decision to go on a diet often ends up in failure. The invigorating, sweet but light aroma of grapefruit gently acts on the nervous system, improves mood, suppresses the dull feeling of hunger, speeds up metabolism and thus contributes to weight loss. Supplemental oxygen prevents lactic acid production, increases energy levels and contributes to muscle relaxation after exercise.

15 €
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