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Tesla\’s Secret Boost Thinking and Memory

A special breathing mixture based on natural ingredients for cognitive support. It is neither caffeine nor a stimulant. In a natural way improves blood circulation, saturates the brain cells with oxygen, and gently stimulates the parts of the brain that are responsible for memory and thinking. It does not cause drowsiness, but rather tones, helps to concentrate. The fresh smell of rosemary helps with depression, nervous exhaustion and other psychological problems. The respiratory mixture at the cellular level increases the natural ability of tissues to regenerate.

⦁ At least 98% pure oxygen Natural rosemary essential oil

98% saturated oxygen

Effective for students and people who do intellectual work.

For people of intellectual work: students, office workers, and everyone who wants to work more efficiently, study and engage in creative activities. 

Cognitive Properties

Increased Productivity
and Efficiency Of thought processes

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Tesla's Secret Boost Thinking and Memory

A special breathing mixture created for people engaged in intellectual work to increase the efficiency of cognitive function, work performance, concentration, memory development ... Contains no caffeine and similar stimulants. 100% natural, healthy and safe fuel for your brain, consisting of at least 98% pure oxygen, natural rosemary essential oil and marine minerals.

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