Benefits of the Appearance Care Line Series"

Tesla’s Secret Beauty Line

The best aphrodisiacs and antidepressants derived from plants, for men and women, respectively, gently but effectively set a special emotional mood, filled with emotions and desires, and awaken male / female energy.

98% pure Oxygen

Helps protect female beauty and male attractiveness from the effects of aging and stress by restoring depleted oxygen levels and at the same time saturating the skin with oxygen from the inside, fighting the symptoms of poor air quality, stress and fatigue.

Natural essential oil
roses or cedar?

Silver ions in every breath

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Tesla's Secret Beauty

A breathable mixture designed for females, to maintain and restore healthy skin, nails, hair, feminine appeal and inner harmony. The extra energy that enters the skin cells from the inside helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently and reduces the time it takes to renew the cells, preventing skin from aging. The delicate aroma of the rose will remind you of your natural beauty and femininity.

16 €

Tesla's Secret Men

The breathable blend is designed for stronger sex, to maintain and restore male energy, to slow or prevent baldness, skin roughness and aging, physiological changes related to age, decrease in male libido, etc. Restores depleted oxygen levels as it saturates the body, fights symptoms of poor air quality, stress and fatigue. It has a general regulatory effect. The pleasant aroma of cedar will remind you of your masculine energy and attraction.

16 €
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