TESLA'S SECRET TESLA ' S SECRET is a ready-to-use breathing mixture consisting of at least 98% pure respiratory oxygen with the addition of natural essential oils of healthy plants and other beneficial microelements. Each respiratory mixture is packaged in a pressurized pressure vessel. The external "eco" packaging is not only pleasant to the touch, but also provides additional protection to avoid product deformation or damage during use. TESLA'S SECRET products are presented in 4 series, depending on the destination. Not a cure. Продукция TESLA'S SECRET представлена в 4х сериях, в зависимости от назначения. Не является лекарством.


TESLA'S SECRET consists only of natural ingredients, without the addition of chemical additives, caffeine, energy, stimulants and other components that can harm the body. The equipment on which the mixtures and ingredients are produced are certified according to EU requirements and are supplied only from trusted European suppliers with many years of experience.


The way we breathe clean air and the oxygen content in it affects our mood, stress level, blood pressure, immune function, appearance and many other processes in the body. For healing the body, renewing tissue cells and rejuvenation, we need stimulation of the natural mechanisms of recovery, for this we need to increase the flow of oxygen into the body. TESLA'S SECRET breathing mixtures are developed taking into account individual factors of a person’s life: age, prevailing physical or mental activity, living environment, accumulated fatigue, well-being, etc. A few breaths help the body and mind to balance.


Studies have shown that additional oxygen therapy with short-term, oxygen-containing inhalations helps to improve well-being and longevity.


Oxygen is the main element for the nutrition of the brain, fuel for its successful functioning. With a lack of oxygen, a state of hypoxia (oxygen starvation) is formed, from which the whole body suffers in an explicit or slowly depressing form.


For hundreds of years, people have used extracts of odorous flowers, herbs, and roots infused in vegetable oils or in molten solid fats for medical and cosmetic purposes. Essential oils act on the human body not only due to the smell, but also because of their chemical formula, as they contain many active substances


The most vital tissues and organs, as a rule, are oxygen-dependent, and are very sensitive to the oxygen content in the blood - this is the nervous tissue, heart, some tissues of the kidneys, liver, etc. At the same time, there are practically no oxygen resources in the body. Therefore, the proper provision of oxygen to the tissues is one of the most important mechanisms to counter the aging process, ensure its functioning, and also increases the body's stamina in stress loads.


Individually selected components and their concentration in Tesla’s Secret breathing mixtures allow you to achieve the most desired effect for a particular person, affecting precisely that area of health and personality where energy balance needs to be restored.