Company history

The birth history of the TESLA'S SECRET brand began about 130 years ago. My great-grandfather's father, a German mathematics engineer, met the great scientist who gave the world the beginning of the technological era, Nikola Tesla. Tesla showed him some gas experiments, and according to preserved stories, he was of the opinion that most health problems and changes in appearance had to do with lifestyle and lack of oxygen saturation. Tesla argued that once humanity had enough technology and was ready, it would remember that its existence began with oxygen and would turn to the beginning of space and nature in search of harmony and health. Friedrich Jungblut promised the scientist to popularize this idea, but could not realize it. Based on the stories of the author's great-grandfather, Augustus Jungblud, and in memory of the great scientist Nikola Tesla, today we are working on the creation of TESLA 's SECRET products

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Key properties of Tesla’s Secret product

It increases mental activity and improves memory

Breathing mixtures contribute to an increase in oxygen flow to the brain, which activates those areas of the brain that do not function due to poor blood flow. Oxygen flow also slows down the aging process and the death of brain cells. After thirty years of age, blood circulation in the brain becomes less effective, and over time, not only individual cells but also active neurons die, which significantly impair the quality of human life. Part of these negative effects can be stopped by the use of any Tesla's Secret product due to its high oxygen content. A specialized brain enhancement product Tesla's Secret Boost Thinking and Memory.

Improves the figure and appearance of the skin

If the skin does not have enough oxygen, cell renewal in the upper layers of the skin slows down, skin appearance becomes bad and rough, and its immunity automatically weakens. It becomes difficult for the skin to deal with external aggressive factors. In addition, with oxygen saturation in the body, metabolism improves, cellulite decreases, the amount of energy and human activity increases, stress and the overall appearance of faces and figures are reduced.

Increases physical endurance

While performing physical exercises (and not just them, but also in daily life), in order to maintain metabolic processes in the body, fat and glucose are burned. During the most intense workouts, the muscles consume the most oxygen, which is when the athlete needs it the most. Fatigue and rapid breathing occurs. However, air contains only, at best, 21% oxygen. A few breaths of Tesla's Secret Sport, which contains at least 92% oxygen, help to restore the lack of oxygen in the blood, thereby reducing the load on the internal organs and activating the body.

Increases immunity and keeps the body healthy

Oxygen, which is part of every Tesla's Secret breathing mix, triggers all vital processes in the body. Conversely, its absence slows down metabolism. This means that cells, including lymphocytes, phagocytes and macrophages that protect the body, will not be sufficiently saturated and may weaken. Oxygen deficiency adversely affects the nervous system. As a result, nerve cell tissue is poorly restored. It causes stress, which is one of the major factors of immunodeficiency. Essential oils and sea minerals that are part of Tesla's Secret Everyday Use series of breathing mixtures enhance the beneficial effect on the body and enhance its protective capabilities.


Take 3-5 breaths before and during each exercise or increased physical activity. Help your body cope with stress during exercise, help it recover muscle as much as possible after exercise to make exercise more effective. Play sports more consciously! Don't turn sports into torture and stress for your body, enjoy activities, helping your body with extra Tesla's Secret Sport energy!

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The doctors recommend Tesla's Secret

Research conducted by renowned doctors and PhD candidates has confirmed the effectiveness of Tesla's Secret products. Tests have shown that short-term inhalations of a mixture from a Tesla's Secret tank increase oxygen saturation, improve mental and physical fitness, increase the body's resistance to viruses, and have a number of other positive effects.